KAZU is specialized in transforming antique kimono fabrics selected in Japan by Kazu Huggler

into unique creations all handmade at KAZU Atelier.

Museum Rietberg Collection

Photo Credit: Christian Schnur

Kunsthaus Zürich Collection

One-off pieces at KAZU Store

Photo credit: Christian Schnur

Shinsui 深水 Collection at Museum Rietberg

Photo credit: Bon Parinya Wongwannawat

Fashion Talk with Kazu Huggler at Museum Rietberg

Inspired by Itō Shinsui's portraits of women, Kazu Huggler's new couture pieces came alive on models as the Swiss-Japanese designer presented her work with an in-depth discussion of this new couture production. 

Press Release Fashion Talk with Kazu Huggler at Museum Rietberg
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Meisen 銘仙 at Mode Suisse Zurich

Photo credit: Simon Habegger

For spring/summer 2014, Swiss-Japanese designer Kazu Huggler turns to antique Japanese fashion, inspiring a mood of playfulness and fulfilment. Driven by a desire to show how tradition can be revived to call to the modern woman, she invokes vintage kimonos to capture the juxtaposition. These early 20th-century Meisen銘仙, bright with optical Ikat prints, this season meet couture. Similarly, Kazu shows how historic Japanese skills can be adapted for the Western world. Unique pieces crafted from narrow silk kimono fabric symbolise the revival of a tradition.


If the kimono represent a bygone era, the collection's demi-couture designs in simple cuts and colourful, easy-care Japanese chirimen fabric fulfil modern needs. It is a nod to the harmony between cultures central to Kazu's work. Set against this backdrop is one wedding dress – symbolic of the bridal collection Kazu will début in 2014. The whole is united in the symmetrical centrepiece – a tumbling sensation of inkjet print on silk georgette from Kazu's long-term partner Fabric Frontline. In Kazu Huggler's hands, harmony becomes fashion. Old and new, east and west, become one.

Ashta 明日 at Mode Suisse Zurich

Photo credit: Alexander Palacios

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