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Kojo No Tsuki 荒城の月 

Fall/Winter 2016/17

Photo credit: Risaku Suzuki

Kazu Huggler is widely known for her refined combinations of Japanese aesthetics with Swiss tailoring. Kojo no Tsuki, her new couture collection fall/winter 2016/17 is showcased in a skillful video and photographs created by the Japanese photographer and artist, Risaku Suzuki.


Kojo no Tsuki, The Moon over the Ruined Castle, is a song’s title that inspired Suzuki’s presentation of KAZU’s new collection. Suzuki’s work aims at an artful and very gentle representation of nature. He has portrayed KAZU’s new fashion designs in images of subtle silhouettes in luxurious fabrics floating in a fairy-tale castle in France. The collection features a rich palette of silks from Fabric Frontline, KAZU’s long time partner, ranging from the precious silk organza dévorée, Swiss silk scherli, and satin duchesse jacquard to the most up-to date inkjet prints. Fine shades of pastels and gold reflect the moonlight in the collection’s name. Fabulous headdresses of textile flowers and metallic ornament by Froilein Blume Zürich complete the Kojo no Tsuki collection. In keeping with Swiss craftsmanship, each piece has been made by Swiss Bernina sewing machines in KAZU’s couture atelier. 

Fashion flows into Art - KAZU & Risaku Suzuki

Video by Risaku Suzuki

10th Anniversary

Mercedes Benz Fashion Days Zürich, October November 2012 

Photo credit: Boris Marberg

Throughout her childhood in Japan, and as a student at Keio University, Kazu experienced Wa and Kei. Wa represents harmony and Kei means respect. These two signs are the inspiration behind this anniversary collection – signifying respect to life, to the environment, to nature, to people, eventually to oneself, and, to one’s body, which is the main theme to create a garment. The harmony that exists in pure nature is the basis for her work. Merging past and present, Kazu connects East and West, unifies aesthetics and workmanship, and creates functional and practical pieces to always respect the female body. This collection represents the transitions of nature in all its beautiful and yet dangerous facets. Hence, Metamorphosis. 


Silks from her long time partner Fabric Frontline Zurich will be transformed into kimono-inspired dresses representing a symbiosis between Japanese aesthetics and Swiss technics in quality. Their latest patterns printed in collaboration with Seiren Viscotecs in Japan continue the Metamorphosis. Art and technology combine to reflect the changes in today’s world of technology. 


Apollo- and Heart-print textile design by Claudia Meythaler

Sasa- and Dove With Cherry Blossom-print by Naoko Iyoda Schneeberger  


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