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Photo credit: Bon Parinya Wongwannawat

Burientsu ブリエンツ 

Photo credit: Simon Habegger

For fall/winter 2014/2015, Kazu Huggler returned to her Swiss roots in Brienz for the very first time in a collection. Inspiration came from the house on Lake Brienz, where her Swiss ancestors lived and ran a woodcarving factory for generations.

Absorbed in the mystical view, she perceived an incomparable intensity in the way the colours changed between different shades of blue, from petrol to turquoise to royal blue. Her grand grandfather Peter Huggler - Huggler’s artful woodcarving impressed her with its versatility. Topped by a carved image of a human head, it shows an accumulation of different creatures living in the Lake Brienz: fish, shellfish and plants – a true representation of the bloom of woodcarving art in Brienz.


Out of this inspiration come dresses in different shades of blue in plain wool crêpe. With just one exception: the dress in a fluorescent coral red. Burientsu stands for elegant und subtle silhouettes, decorated by ornaments inspired by the Brienzer woodcarving art and handmade in the same colours and material as the dresses. By transforming traditional Chirimen ornaments, Kazu hopes to bridge the two cultures of Japan and Switzerland. The Japanese Chirimen ornaments were created to thank god for providing the treasures of nature to humans.

With Burtiensu, Kazu Huggler unifies sportiness and elegance, continuing in her philosophy of creating wearable designs for the modern woman.

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