1-5-0 One-Five-Oh

Photo credits        studio: Ellin Anderegg     catwalk: Boris Marberg   

It is with pride that Kazu Huggler now honours the Switzerland and Japan landmark anniversary in 2014 by creating a bridal collection to symbolise unity. The collection symbolises togetherness. Just as marriage unites different families, cultures and values, the bridal collection intertwines handicrafts from Switzerland and Japan.There is a diverse palette of white and pastel silk chirimen, from the house of Hamachirimen in renowned Japanese silk weaving centre Nagahama. Additionally, Seiren “Viscotecs”, one of the oldest Japanese inkjet printing companies and a leader in inkjet print technology, joins the KAZU label for this collection by using Seiren “Viscotecs” inkjet technology for printings. The whole is crowned with silk from Fabric Frontline Zurich, Kazu Huggler's long-standing partner. The silk label brings with it the great tradition of 24 - 26 colour silk-screen printing, which has all but disappeared from textile houses in Central Europe. 


Beautiful textile accessories such as headdresses and ornaments made by the women of Rikuzentakata will accompany this collection. These accessories are made possible from Kazu Huggler’s philanthropic work together with Bernina International, the charter sponsor for Three Cranes Association, a not-for-profit organization geared to rebuilding the posttsunami city of Rikuzentakata by helping the women to sell their hand-made accessories. By providing the designs for their exclusive accessories, Kazu Huggler continues to support the women of Rikuzentakata. Committed to creating wearable clothes for the modern woman, Kazu Huggler has designed the collection with the 21st-century bride in mind. Simple, elegant and modern cuts form the background to a luxurious array of whites.

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